Listen to The Mayor of Clayton read the Proclamation at the first annual Rhinesville Octoberfest:

The two Robert
Steven Rhine's
in front of
Jacob Rhine's old saloon.

Robert Steven Rhine's
in front of The Clayton
Historical museum,
renamed for Rhinesville

All the Rhines who
came out for Rhinesville

3rd cousins, and
both Robert Steven Rhines,
meet in Clayton, then drink
at Jacob Rhine's Bar.

Charles Rhine's great
grandson, Robert Steven
Rhine, at Clayton
Historical Museum.

R.S. Rhine meets
Clayton mayor Bill Walcutt

R.S. Rhine addresses
Octoberfest revelers with
Clayton Mayor Bill
Walcutt, and oldest living
Rhine relative (who attended
to the event) Jean Rhine.
Oldest still living is
Loretta Rhine (SF) born
December 1913.

Rhine flips coin and prays.

Rhine calls "heads"
... it's tails.

Rhine tries for two
out of three...
Calls "heads" again...
it's tails again

The proclamation is
presented by Jean Rhine,
her husband, and Robert
Steven Rhine

More Rhine clan gathers
at Octoberfest

Diane Rhine, sister
of Robert Steven Rhine,
to her right, and 3rd cousin
of the other Robert Steven Rhine
to far right.
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