One of our ancestors was said to have become a hero when he saved a German princess from drowning in the Rhine River. He was granted the title of Baron and his surname was changed from Schwemmer to Rhine (likely Von Rhine.)
Thus the Rhine family was bestowed a family crest with a mermaid wearing a crown sitting proudly in water.

The Rhine Family Banner

Banner of the Town and Commune of (Rogozno) also Rogasen (Teutonic Order, Germany) where Abraham Rhine lived and had children Charles and Jacob Rhine.
The banner is composed of the Knights of the Doliwa coat-of-arms, which is yet another proof that the area belonged to the Polish realm.

Rhine Family Tree

Generation No. 1

1. ABRAHAM RHINE was born in Germany around 1764 and died there in 1831. He married HINDA NATHANSEN. She was born in Germany .


2) CHARLES RHINE, b. 11 Mar 1836, Rogasen, Germany; d. 23 May 1922, San Francisco.

3) JACOB RHINE, b. 22 Mar 1844, Rogasen, Germany; d. 10 Sep 1926, San Francisco.


Generation No. 2

CHARLES RHINE married CECILIA LOBREE. She was born in Prussia Apr 1847 and died in 1912 in San Francisco.

JACOB RHINE married DINA OTTENBERG 01 Dec 1874 in Clayton, CA. She was born 22 Jun 1854 in Domstock by Wormes,
Germany, and died 20 Jan 1937 in San Francisco

Children of CHARLES RHINE and CECILIA are:
i. RACHEL, b. Bet. 1869 - 1870, Clayon, CA.
ii. ADALINE, b. 1871, Clayon, CA; m. MR. BLUM.
iii. PAULINE, b. Sep 1872, Clayon, CA; m. MR. KRONER.
iv. ESTER, b. Mar 1874, Clayon, CA.
v. ABRAHAM, b. 1876, Clayon, CA.
vi. ANNIE, b. 1877, Clayon, CA.
vii. ELIAS, b. Mar 1880, Clayon, CA.
viii. LOU, b. 1889, Clayon, CA.

Children of JACOB RHINE and DINA are:
i. PAULINE, b. Dec 1875, Clayon, CA; m. MORRIS PEISER.
ii. FANNY, b. 1877, Clayon, CA.
iii. HILDA, b. 1879, Clayon, CA.
iv. ABRAHAM, b. 1880, Clayon, CA; m. BLANCHE.
v. SAMUEL, b. 07 Mar 1882, Clayon, CA; d. 22 Sep 1971, San Francisco, CA.
vi. HERMAN S., b. 27 Nov 1883, Clayon, CA; d. 27 Jan 1966; m. HATTIE.
vii. LEON, b. 28 Jul 1885, Clayon, CA; d. 30 Sep 1974, San Francisco, CA; m. MARY.
viii. NATHANIEL, b. 08 Mar 1887, Clayon, CA; d. 11 May 1956, San Francisco, CA.
ix. BELLA, b. Sep 1888, Clayon, CA.
x. ALEXANDER, b. Jul 1890, Clayon, CA; d. Oct 1982, Union City, CA.
xi. IRVIN W., b. May 1892, Clayon, CA; d. Sep 1977; m. MINNIE.
xii. MILTON HENRY, b. 27 Jun 1894, Clayon, CA; d. 14 Mar 1953, San Francisco, CA.
xiii. SOPHIA RUTH, b. Mar 1895, Clayon, CA; m. LOUI KANTER.
xiv. YETTA S., b. Apr 1898, Clayon, CA; m. GUNTER HOFFMAN.


The entire Rhine clan with Charles Rhine sitting center. My grandfather, Elias, can be seen on the left side in the far back (no doubt trying to duck the shot). Jacob on the left of Charles, also with White

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